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By: JW Davis - MusicWire Magazine

Controlling our borders should be the top interest of our nation's safety and security as well as constant vigilance on our legal and illegal immigration concerns. 
It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that America is experiencing serious social and economic difficulty with illegal immigrants who are flooding across our borders from Mexico, yet our elected representatives continue to make excuses and dance around on the illegal immigration issue. This country simply cannot absorb the flood of illegal's who flaunt and ignore our vital security interests. It is a very serious issue and indeed an outright scandal when America cannot control its own borders on this matter.  It is a very important and vital issue which tears at the very fabric of our land.  A liberal policy being put forth by some of our elected officials and others in government on immigration may seem to reflect confidence and generosity, but it is detrimental to our very existence. Our current laziness toward illegal immigration shows a recklessness and total disregard for those who came here legally and live here legally.
The majority of legal immigrants can often make significant contributions to our society because they have special skills and because they add to our nation’s cultural diversity. They come with the best of intentions. But even legal immigrants that our nation do let come into our country do not and should not enter easily. It’s a long, costly, draining, and often frustrating experience-by design. 
When it comes down to illegal immigrants who break the law to enter our nation, the current laws and lax enforcement of those laws is a travesty that demands attention.
It is time for the United States to reassess our immigration laws and the enforcement of those laws that allow total disregard of those very laws.  It is time for the United States to realize that those who flaunt our laws, break our laws and commit criminal acts to enter this country, should not be given any type of sanctuary in our land.  This matter demands our upmost attention.
Try entering any other country on this planet, especially Mexico.  You will be jailed, put in prison for a very long time and then deported once your sentence is over if you survive.
Breaking our laws entering into our country should not allow you to be given any type of sanctuary.  This includes current immigration law that allows those who commit criminal acts to enter and stay.  
Many of those who enter illegally today get pregnant and current law allows them to stay once they have a child born here. These so called "anchor babies" and the current law that protects them and allows the parents who have them the privilege to stay in our country are nothing short of scandalous and wrong for those who do go through the proper and time consuming procedure to be here legally.  
It comes down to this: we must take care of our own people first. Our policy to people born elsewhere should be clear: Enter by the law of our land, or face stiff penalties of prison time and expulsion. There should be no room, mercy or compassion for anyone who breaks the law to enter our nation. Your not only an illegal immigrant, you are a criminal. Period. Lets start enforcing our laws America, fairly and without mercy. Breaking laws to get into our country should never be taken for granted or taken lightly.
That's my opinion. Whats yours?

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By: JW Davis
Editor-NewsWire WorldWIde

Nashville, TN - I am very concerned after watching the video from one of the Columbia  
University classmates of Obama, once known as Barry Soetoro,
Here is a classmate of Barry Soetoro, claiming he never knew or saw Barry at Columbia University when he attended during the same years this president did.
It is time to investigate the background of the man in the White House to find out how he was able to seal and lock up just about his entire life history, and enter the White House WITHOUT being vetted by anyone.  This man has spent millions hiding his past history and keeping it sealed from the American people and those responsible for protecting the office of the President.
Barry Soetoro has created a very dangerous and career ending decision in assuming the role of usurper in the highest office in the land.  This man is creating a Constitutional Crisis and the amazing thing about the whole scandal is that no one and I mean absolutely no one is even interested in investigating it!
Where on God's earth, are the people who are responsible for protecting the office of the Presidency and seeing to it that rules and regulations are followed?  Where are the "law enforcement" officials responsible for overseeing the so called "laws" and Constitutional protections of our country?
We already see that the media has totally ignored this man and his history.  They have not even wondered why this fraud has spent millions hiding and protecting his past.  The media are nothing more than accomplices in the crime of the century in allowing a man intent on the destruction of the country to succeed.
The United States of America is currently in a very dangerous phase in allowing someone to control the most powerful nation in history who is NOT authorized to do so.
Barry Soetoro, now known as Barrack Hussien Obama has unlawfully and fraudulently seized and is holding power and the rights of others by fraud or without legal authority. He has taken over and is currently occupying without right the office of the Presidency of the United States of America.  He has taken the office of the presidency wrongfully and he knows it.  He has spent MILLIONS to attain this goal.
When will the truth come out?
I don't know and I am certain many millions more don't know.
Is this the "secret" or "surpise" that Donald Trum is holding for the Republican National Convention in the coming few weeks?
That remains to be seen.
In the meantime, our wonderful and beautiful country remains in the hands of the Democratic party, who has facilitated this fraud.  Is the Democratic party capable of this dastardly deed?  In their desperation to hold onto power to at all costs, nothing would surprise me anymore.
That's my opinion, whats yours?