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By: Martyna McDonnell, James McDonnell and JW Davis
MusicWire Magazine - One of the best kept secrets in the southern Tampa bay area of Florida is the Big Cat Habitat and Gulf Coast Sanctuary.
"This encampment and sanctuary has some of the most beautiful and magnificent Tigers and Lions on our planet," says JW Davis, Editor of MusicWire.
"Kay Rosaire and the Rosaire family are some of the best and sorely needed caring individuals who not only provide a sanctuary for some of the most threatened animals in the world, they provide the love and care these exotic creatures really need," Davis said.
Kay Rosaire is an eighth generation animal trainer from one of England's most respected families of animal trainers.  The Rosaires are known worldwide for their gifted animal training ability, for their work within the entertainment and film industry, and as animal educators.
During our tour and visitation of this facility just west of Sarasota, we had the opportunity to talk with Clayton Rosaire, founder Kay Rosaires son and a ninth generation descendant of England's premier animal handling family. He stressed the importance of rescuing and providing a sanctuary for these endangered cats.  "We will go anywhere across the United States to rescue these animals.  A lot of these animals were owned by wealthy and financially independent people who bought these creatures with the good intentions of raising them and keeping them for pets.  A lot of the animals we have rescued were well taken care of and loved by the people who owned them, but they soon realize what a big commitment and job it really is to care for, love and respect these creatures," he said. 
Clayton's lifetime goal and commitment has been the conservation of these majestic and endangered species.
" Thank God that there are people out in this world like the Rosaire family that take in these beautiful creatures and provide a loving environment for them," said James McDonnellAssociate Editor of MusicWire. "A lot of people take for granted of how rewarding a job like this sanctuary can be," McDonnell said.  "The Rosaire family live and breathe the conservation and preservation of these animals, and there are not many people like that left in the world today" McDonnell said.
Martyna McDonnellSenior Editor for MusicWire was very impressed with he sanctuary.  "I believe this sanctuary is a wonderful cause.  The Rosaire family treats these animals with loving care and they are very well taken care of," Martyna said.  "They are treated with utmost care and respect and loved more like members of the family than just an animal.  Each one has a name and each caretaker of these cats know each ones personality" she said.  "It certainly takes alot of money to maintain these beautiful creatures, so every donation made helps this sanctuary and these lions and tigers, who are fast disappearing from our world," Martyna said.
The visit to the sanctuary included a 1:00pm training session that featured the big cats in action.
"The show the Rosaires put on is nothing short of amazing," said Davis.  "I have never seen such an amazing show of this caliber, even in the circus shows I have attended over the years," Davis said.
"They not only showcased the talent of these big cats, they educated the public throughout the show to the danger these powerful creatures face in the wild today," Davis said.
The show included ponies and  a  darling show stealer chimp named Chance.  See Chance Rosaire on Facebook.
The sanctuary has a $1 dollar donation drive currently in place. They need one million people to donate $1, so they can greatly improve the habitat and sanctuary and take in more animals that need care . Next  time your in the Tampa, stop by and visit them.
You will not be disappointed.  Visit for more information.

Big Cat Habitat and Gulf Coast Sanctuary is a non-profit safe haven for big cats, bears and other animals in need.  Founded by Kay Rosaire who enjoys over 30 years of experience working with and caring for exotic animals.  She began rescuing big cats in 1987.  Our goal is to educate the public by fostering appreciation for animals and to stress the importance for habitat preservation.
The Roasiare's special relationship with wild animals makes every demonstration thrilling to watch, with the opportunity to see the animals in a close encounter of the exotic kind!  Be entertained by the individual personalties and characteristics of the animals.  The Rosaire family's unique style of gentle handling, praise and treats encourages the natural behaviors of the big cats.
Please visit our website for all the latest information on volunteer opportunities and animal sponsorship.  www.BIGCATHABITAT.ORG.
Our pledge is love, respect and sanctuary for life.  Come join our big cat family.  Your donations are tax deducatble.  The habitat is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization.  EIN # 65-0659177
Kay Rosaire and Clayton Rosaire, eighth and ninth generation animal trainer's respectively, from one of England’s most respected families of animal trainers with one of the big cats at their sancturary. 
'To Sir, With Love' 
Sung by Lulu
Meagan Faith - Hong Kong...
​The very first time I heard To Sir with Love' I didn't think at all that this song was made almost a half century ago! The song is catchy and sounds very classic. The lyrics are still up to date and modern for a pop-ballad genre song. Sung by the Scottish Singer and Actress Lulu Kennedy-Chairns (born Marie McDonald McLaughlin Lawrie) or famous with her stages' name Lulu. 'To Sir With Love' was released in 1967 by Sony music Entertainment and was the original motion picture soundtract by a movie with the same tittle. 'To Sir with Love', the movie was about Sidney Poitier as a school teacher in a tough London high school, in which Lulu played as one of the students. She was already famous in the United Kingdom before 1967. But it was 'To Sir with Love' that made her a rocketing star in United States, even for just for a little while. She soared to the top of the charts with 'To Sir with Love' along with the movie as a Number One Box Office Movie.