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By: JW Davis, Editor
McMinnville, Tennessee 6.13.14

Once again, I had the privilege of attending and hearing one of the most exciting rock-n-roll tribute bands touring in America today!

Rolling Stone Magazine called the group, “the greatest Eagles tribute band on earth." Of course I am talking about 7 Bridges: The Ultimate Eagles Experience.

Using no backing tracks or harmonizers, the Nashville-based 7 Bridges band re-creates the experience of an Eagles concert and the audience can expect to hear most of the Eagles’ many hits. “ ‘Hotel California’ is probably the Eagles’ biggest-branded song, so that’s a given,” band member Jason Manning recently told an interviewer. “We aren’t going to do a show without doing ‘Heartache Tonight’ or ‘Desperado.’ That’s the thing about the Eagles — they have so many recognizable songs that almost everybody knows.”

Manning said the  main objective is to replicate the Eagles sound, but 7 Bridges also tries to duplicate the look and mannerisms of the band members as it strives to captivate fans of all levels.

Close your eyes and listen … and WOW, you swear you are at an 'Eagles' concert. That is what I said when I first heard them and many others have also repeated that same thing. They could be the real Eagles. They are vocally and visually perfect. There is no doubt about that at all.

Main Street Live!, a revitalization project by the city of McMinnville, Tennessee was the perfect venue to watch this amazing group on a warm, Friday the 13th summer evening in this community tucked away in the hills southeast of Nashville. Main Street McMinnville is dedicated to the continued revitalization and preservation of the historic downtown area.

Another historic milestone was reached when it was announced that a record crowd of 3,000 people were present to see these boys from Nashville WOW them with some of the most recognizable and classic hits ever produced.
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